Adam D. Tupper

aff. LVSN, IID, Mila.


G’day! I’m Adam, a doctoral student in machine learning at Université Laval in Québec, Canada. I’m passionate about fundamental research and practical applications in artificial intelligence and machine learning. My current research is focused on semi‐supervised learning, with a particular focus on image analysis for non‐natural imaging domains, such as medicalimages, under the supervision of Christian Gagné. I’m a member of the Institut intelligence et données (IID) and Mila.

Prior to coming to ULaval, I worked as a machine learning engineer for LHP Partners Ltd, a Wellington-based AI consultancy start-up. I received my M.Sc. degree from the University of Canterbuy (UC) in computer science. My thesis was written on evolutionary reinforcement learning for vision-based general video game playing, under the supervision of Kourosh Neshatian. I also receieved my B.Sc. from UC in computer science and statistics. Addtionally, I have interned at various different companys, such as Xero and Orion Health.

From here, you can learn more about me, or checkout my recent projects and publications!